Recently I was working on a project and wanted to upload a file on FTP using Python. import ftplib from ftplib import FTP File2Send = ‘file path’ #To upload file in root directory of FTP location Output_Directory = “” ftp = FTP(“”) ftp.login(‘user’,’password’) file = open(File2Send, “rb”) ftp.cwd(Output_Directory) ftp.storbinary(‘STOR ‘ + File2Send, file) print (“STORing… (0 comment)

How to track survey score through Adobe Analytics?
Almost all the companies have surveyed and want to keep track of it for the holistic view of customer satisfaction. In a survey the possible outcome of a score that can be any of the following numbers- 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 The business question can be that what is the best way to capture this score to then… (0 comment)

Why segment is missing in Data Connector?
Data Connector is formerly known as Genesis. Adobe Data Connectors provide a complete development ecosystem to help Data Connectors partners integrate their products and services into the Adobe Experience Cloud. Segment created in Adobe Analytics can be reused in Data Connector as Remarketing Segment. Sometimes the segment is not available in Data Connector. There can… (0 comment)

Google enters e-commerce, beware!
Search engine giant has launched search engine features in India.The user can easily put filter as per choice and browser products only rather than going to a different shopping website and checking the product. Might be alarming for Amazon and Flipkart but good for the consumers. Google unveiled ‘Google Shopping’ on their search page. Customers… (0 comment)