Product String in Adobe Launch

If you have single product to pass then you can use the extension in Launch but if you have multiple products then don’t use the extension in Launch.

Use custom code option in Rule of Launch ,sample code is shown below:

for (i = 0; i < digitalData.transaction.item.length; i++)


var sku = digitalData.transaction.item[i].productInfo.sku;

var units = digitalData.transaction.item[i].productInfo.units;

var price = digitalData.transaction.item[i].productInfo.checkoutPrice;

var test=test+”;” + sku + “;” + units + “;” + price + “;,”;



Do the changes in code as per your requirement.

How to Capture multiple query parameters in the s.util.getQueryparam

Requirement : Want to capture the multiple query parameters in s.campaign variable of Adobe Analytics.

Use the following code:

s.campaign = s.Util.getQueryParam(‘cmpid’)+”:”+s.Util.getQueryParam(‘source’)+”:”+s.Util.getQueryParam (‘medium’);

Result: s.campaign =hhhh:ssss:dddd

Automation Software Zapier & IFTTT

Zapier is automation software allowing one business app to speak to another app,it is very similar to product called IFTTT,which is little more open-sourced but this is more business focused.It allows to take repeating tasks and automate them even across different applications.It can be an enormous time-saver.IFTTT is free and Zapier has paid model.