While checking about dataLayer I came across: https://www.optimizesmart.com/google-tag-manager-data-layer-explained-like-never/ Example of dataLayer On any web page test yourself by pasting the code 1.Paste the following code <script>   var dataLayer = { ‘pageName’: document.title, ‘pageURL’: document.URL                                 }; </script> You can check these in console via dataLayer.PageName datLayer.pageURL 2.If you paste the following: <script> dataLayer =… (0 comment)

To clear your Java cache in Windows: Click Start > Control Panel. Locate and double click the Java icon in the Control Panel. Click Settings under Temporary Internet Files. Click Delete Files. Select all boxes and click OK on Delete Temporary Files window. Click OK on Temporary Files Settings window. Click OK to close the… (0 comment)

This is to test that what happen to data sources FTP location when data source data is uploaded through API 1.4 using postman 1.Create the data source through Analytics UI Login to SC 15 Click on Admin->Data Sources 2.Create Transaction ID data sources 3.Using Postman send POST request on https://api.omniture.com/admin/1.4/rest/?method=DataSources.UploadData 4.In Pre-request Script var uuid… (0 comment)