To find a word in a string using JavaScript get I will be showing 2 methods to achieve this: Method 1: JavaScript String includes() Method The includes() method determines whether a string contains the characters of a specified string. This method returns true if the string contains the characters, and false if not. Note: The includes() method is case sensitive. Put the above sample code in… (0 comment)

A visitor visits a web page that contains the data collection code. As the page loads, the data collection code sends an image request (called a web beacon) to Adobe data collection servers. The image request contains the data you want to collect about the visitors’s interaction with your website. Adobe stores the data in… (0 comment)

It’s the industry-leading solution for applying real-time analytics and detailed segmentation across all of marketing channels. Use it to discover high-value audiences and power customer intelligence for business. What Adobe Analytics can do? Reporting provides insights into your traditional web-based channels as well as evolving channels like mobile, video, and social networking. Some examples of… (0 comment)

After you’ve installed WampServer, follow these steps to install WordPress on WampServer: (Though, WordPress 3.3.1 was used for this tutorial, you will find it helpful for any version of WordPress.)NOTE: I will suggest not to change the names I’ve used in the tutorial, else you can find yourself in trouble. Please only change names if… (0 comment)

Following can be expectation from: Want two way integration between Adobe Analytics and SFDC Ready made connector is not available under Data Connector so custom solution has to be designed for that. There are  couple of ways by which data can be sent from Adobe Analytics to SFDC. Data warehouse API to send data in… (0 comment)

Here is the list of resources to learn Natural Language from scratch to expert level: ● Jason Brownlee – What Is Natural Language Processing: ● Emmanuel Ameisen How to solve 90% of NLP problems: ● Analytics Vidhya – Regular Expressions in Python: ● Analytics Vidhya – Ultimate Guide to Understand & Implement… (0 comment)

Testing and Debugging are significant activities and it is required to capture the information in Analytics variable that in case it is required at sme point of time. Following are the value one should capture in AA variable: Page URL: To capture the URL you can use the following line of JS code location.protocol +… (0 comment)

Adobe collects data on your site by receiving an image request generated by the visitor. The trackingServer variable determines the location an image request is sent. If this variable is not defined correctly, your implementation can experience data loss. Tracking server can be 3rd party tracking server or first party tracking server. Host name is required for… (0 comment)