Compare Cross-Device Analytics(CDA) and Customer Journey Analytics(CJA)

It is a very basic question that what are the similarities or differences between Cross-Device Analytics(CDA) and Customer Journey Analytics(CJA).

Cross-Device AnalyticsCustomer Journey Analytics
Channel SupportedWeb & MobileAny Channel
Device Graph SupportedCo-op or Private Device GraphManual
Merge Report SuiteNoYes
Requires ECIDYesNo
Full workspace FeaturesYesNo
Report on Experience Cloud Solution DataYes, for existing IntegrationsYes, for any solution data in AEP
Segment SharingNoYes, only via Query Service
SQL AccessNoYes
Data Science WorkspaceNoYes, additional fee
Leverages Microsoft AzureYesYes
Key LimitationsCustomer Attributes and no marketing channel support
  • No anonymous-to-known stitching

  • No Schedule Report

  • No Marketing Channel Rule Support
Technical Prerequisites
  • ECID fully deployed

  • Must implement for device graph

  • Cross-device report suite
Single IMS Org across any report suites that need merging

*The Adobe Experience Platform Co-op Graph(Device Co-op is a digital cooperative where participating customers share device link information)

*The Adobe Experience Platform Private Graph(A private graph is built using a single company’s deterministic data and is accessible only to them)

In case you have not checked the Comparison Between Adobe Analytics and Customer Journey Analytics then check it.

Can not redefine property: adobe.experienceCloud.debuggerDTMInitHook – Adobe Launch Extension development

If you are getting following error in console then as in add-in you must be using old/beta version of Experience Cloud ID Debugger.

To fix this use the latest version of Adobe Experience Platform Debugger and remove the older one.

For Chrome:

For FireFox:

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