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Adobe Analytics for Target (A4T) in ClickStream

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If you want to use clickstream data and need information related to Adobe Target then you must be aware about the column and its details:

post_tnt ->Information about all tests the visitor has qualified for during the variable’s attribution window, which is 90-days by default.

post_tnt-> Is all the persisting campaigns/experiences seen in the visit. It will not be available in pre-VISTA data feed columns.

posts_tnt_action -> Information about all tests the visitor is qualified for on that specific hit

post_tnt : 85223:1:0

In Analysis workspace you run the Analytics for Target dimension and it will give you the campaign codes(Analytics for Target) that look like 85223:1:0 so you break that down by activities which give you the friendly name you have to back into the campaign codes.

The string format of the TNT variable is activityID:experienceID:targettype|event.
targettype = Always 0 for A4T Activities.
targettype = 0 (control/random) or 1 (targeted) for Auto-Allocate and Auto-Target activities.
Event = 0 represents an experience entrance.
Event = 1 represents an experience visit.
Event = 2 represents an activity impression.
Event = 3-32766 represents analytics success metric id.
Event = 32767 represents an activity conversion.

Check the link for Raw Data Analysis Flow:https://bit.ly/3fX2snq

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