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Adobe Campaign And The Benefits

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Adobe Campaign is a cross-channel marketing solution that automates email, mobile, social and offline campaigns, also offering a central place where you can access your customer data and profiles. When using Adobe Campaign you can deploy a full orchestration of consistent experiences to your customers from digital to physical.

For example, an automotive brand can gain a holistic view of the customer that owns a vehicle and deliver consistent communication over the customer lifecycle such as car servicing, lease extension, new model launches. Reducing the risk of annoying the customer with less relevant information.

What does journey orchestration look like?

Cross-Channel Campaigns

Adobe Campaign is the best way to personalize your customer’s experience by using the data you’ve collected from their online behaviour, searches, purchases and interests, allowing you to tailor each message.

There are many benefits of using Adobe Campaign to help you deploy the right experiences throughout the customer journey across every channel.

Customer Profiles

Adobe Campaign allows you to build detailed customer profiles that allow you to generate relevant, tailored communications to your customers. Using these profiles you can create test and control groups to understand which message is more effective and profiles are consistent across the rest of the experience cloud stack so the enrichment of data is seamless.

Journey Automation

Plan and manage multiple campaigns with ease and from a single place, cutting out time wasting and labour intensive processes compared to multiple platforms and siloed methods.
With native integration to Adobe Experience Cloud products, segments can be leveraged

Integration with Adobe Experience Cloud

Apart from segment sharing and enrichment from Analytics, there are many other benefits where the integrations are very valuable including integrated event triggers and consistent KPI sharing across the stack. Adobe Campaign also has an integration with Creative Cloud for content development, SDK access and asset sharing.

Interaction History

Developing a single view of the customer is one of the optimum goals for any brand with a complex fragmented customer journey however keeping a record of each interaction across all channels is what every marketer requires in order to adapt to customer changes and deploy the right message to retain them. As an Adobe Solution Partner, we deliver the people and expertise to manage, train, consult and analyze all aspects of the Adobe Experience Platform for brands and agencies, so you can make better use of features such as online and offline data activation, programmatic buying and personalized cross channel experiences.

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