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How To Connect Tableau to Adobe Analytics

How To Connect Tableau to Adobe Analytics
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By default, there is no functionality in Tableau to connect Adobe Analytics or vice versa. Till now there is no Connector available for data transfer developed by Adobe or Tableau.

But there are a few ways you can do this.

The first is having Adobe send you the raw clickstream feeds for a report suite. You can then process and load those clickstream files into a database. This is probably the most powerful and flexible approach as it gets you the raw data which you can use Tableau to explore

The other option would be summary data via the API and Warehouse. Both would result in some form of output which you can then load into your database of choice. If your deployment is small enough, you might be able to manage using the local filesystem for a few exports/outputs. However, if you have been running this daily and depending upon the complexity of your reporting needs, API/Warehouse might not be viable. The reason is you may need to create a series of complex queries for the API or large collections of extracts from the warehouse based on how you want to view the data. For the warehouse, this might be anywhere from 5-20+ extracts to get the views you need. If you have over 300 report suites, so this approach was not going to scale very well with 3000-6000 daily extracts across all 300 suites.  Setting up a process to export those 1000s of reports was complicated and detecting failures on the Adobe end very time-consuming. In this scenario, we would recommend to a click stream feed for each suite.

So the approach will vary depending upon the specifics of your reporting.

Other option available for now is to get file processed from Data Warehouse which is supported by Tableau i.e

  • Tableau Workbook (.twb)
  • Tableau Packaged Workbook (.twbx)


We recently came across a new Adobe Analytics Connector for Tableau Software by Daexus- It’s secure, requires no sign-up, and it’s free!

Import your Adobe Analytics data in Tableau in no time.


Another option is to use reporting API of Adobe analytics, fetch the Analytics data through reporting API and ingest that into Tableau.

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