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Cookieless Tracking Approach

In late August, we noticed that Safari had started testing a feature for their upcoming releases of iOS and Mac OS which would compare the resolved DNS record with the current page’s Top Level Domain, and, if they did not match, would apply Intelligent Tracking Prevention restrictions to any cookies which may be set.

Phrased another way, this means that any cookie that is set by the domain behind a cross-domain CNAME resolution (regardless of whether or not it’s set via server headers) would be capped to 7 days. Globally, Safari sits at roughly 17.24% of web traffic. This change went live for iOS and iPadOS on November 5th, 2020.

With better governance, permissions and preference management systems, marketer scan further enhance their first-party authenticated audiences with key partners. Instead of trying to figure out workarounds to keep third-party cookies, Best is to build a service where 2+ parties can share their resolved 1st party audiences (no cookies necessary) with their partner brands in a secure, controlled environment. As a careful custodian (not owner) of consumer data, company will enable customers to securely identify matching IDs in a safe, neutral way without having to disclose their entire database. Partners only receive designated attributes for overlapping IDs, enabling faster and easier sharing in a controllable, opt-in manner. This modern interchange program will provide secure and scalable synchronization across elected audiences of each company’s ecosystem.

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