Adobe Experience Platform is the most powerful, flexible, and open system on the market for building and managing complete solutions that drive customer experience. Experience Platform enables organizations to centralize and standardize customer data and content from any system and apply data science and machine learning to dramatically improve the design and delivery of rich,… (0 comment)

Here is the list of resources to learn Natural Language from scratch to expert level: ● Jason Brownlee – What Is Natural Language Processing: ● Emmanuel Ameisen How to solve 90% of NLP problems: ● Analytics Vidhya – Regular Expressions in Python: ● Analytics Vidhya – Ultimate Guide to Understand & Implement… (0 comment)

No one wants to miss the experience of Virtual Reality. During Adobe’s recent summit event held in London, the company revealed a new virtual reality (VR) application that it has in the works by the name of Project New View. Adobe’s Project New View will help the marketing Professionals in the future to make decisions… (0 comment)

Data Mining is the process of identifying trends in large data sets. Steps are as following: Business understanding Data understanding Data preparation Modeling Evaluation Deployment The data is usually collected and stored in data warehouses. Then we apply suitable data mining algorithms for identifying trends. Most popular algorithms are clustering and regression trees. Data Mining can… (0 comment)

A deep neural network (DNN) is an artificial neural network (ANN) with multiple hidden layers between the input and output layers. DNNs can model complex non-linear relationships. DNN architectures generate compositional models where the object is expressed as a layered composition of primitives. The extra layers enable composition of features from lower layers, potentially modeling… (0 comment)

With the help of Web Services API R-studio can be used to connect Adobe Analytics. The Web Services APIs provide programmatic access to marketing reports and other Suite services that let you duplicate and augment functionality available through the Analytics interface. Analytics > Admin > Company Settings > Web Services RSiteCatalyst is a kind of good… (0 comment)

Recently I was struggling to open Large CSV files and I was using Excel 2013 on Windows 7 64-bit machine.When I was opening big CSV it was throwing error. With Excel 2013,it is said that the  limit is now gone the only restriction is your machines memory. However, you can still not edit the raw… (0 comment)