Here is my mini-blog series on AEP Mobile SDK aka Mobile SDK 5: Overview: Config & Implementing SDK: Using Launch as TMS: Debugging with Project Griffon:… (0 comment)

Photoshop Camera “Free”
Meet the camera of your dreams.Adobe Photoshop Camera is now available for free on iOS and Android! With the AI-powered Photoshop Camera, you have access to dozens of lenses, so you can add the best effects to your photos — before you even take the shot!Adobe keep on releasing special edition lenses.… (0 comment)

5 Best 4G LTE Smartphone below Rs 10000 in India
Are you looking for a 4G LTE supported smartphone for super-fast speed and that too under 10k? Then, definitely, you are at the right place. Finding a credible 4G LTE smartphone in the market today is a very daunting task and most of us face a behemoth of problems to choose the best. But what… (0 comment)