Adobe Analytics Connector with PowerBI
  With the introduction of new Adobe Analytics connector with PowerBI (Partnership with Microsoft), it becomes very easy to load Adobe Analytics data into PowerBI and perform the analysis. After launching the connector, it has to be authenticated by Adobe ID. Complete steps are well explained in the video below: On web Connect to Adobe Analytics… (0 comment)

How to See Who Unfollowed You on Instagram
We all know how important social networking platform is nowadays. In terms of broadcasting message, marketing even for dating, people use it. Instagram the social networking app founded by Kevin York Systrom acquired by Facebook in 2012 at $1 billion is one of the famous app on google playstore. It is very popular especially among… (0 comment)

LEGO Brick and how It Started
This is more of a motivation video for those who failed once and not thinking to bounce again. Though the LEGO Group celebrates its 80th Birthday, we take a look back at its history with this short animated film.… (0 comment)

What is Timelapse and Hyperlapse?
Timelapse and Hyperlapse are really an interesting form of photography. These features are generally available in some expensive DSLR cameras. Fortunately, these features are very common in a smartphone these days. That’s the reason Smartphone cameras are considered to be the best devices for making Timelapse and Hyperlapse Videos. Since the smartphone is a handy…

How To Identify Duplicate Yunteng YT-1288 Selfie Stick
Selfie is in trend, with the evolution of mobile phone selfie is very popular now. People prefer to have a selfie stick while traveling. I too planned to have a selfie stick. When I discussed the same with my friend Vinay Peter who has a YouTube channel too. He explained a lot of points to differentiate… (0 comment)

Advantages Of Using WordPress
While selecting web platform it is very necessary to understand the pros-cons of the platform. Following are the advantages of WordPress Ease of Use WordPress is very easy to use and has an intuitive interface.  Adding new pages, blog posts, images, etc. on a regular basis is a breeze and can be done quickly.  Because… (0 comment)

No one wants to miss the experience of Virtual Reality. During Adobe’s recent summit event held in London, the company revealed a new virtual reality (VR) application that it has in the works by the name of Project New View. Adobe’s Project New View will help the marketing Professionals in the future to make decisions… (0 comment)

Decision Tree Algorithm in Data Mining
Decision trees, and data mining are useful techniques these days.A decision tree is a hierarchical relationship diagram that is used to determine the answer to an overall question. It does this by asking a sequence of sub-questions related to that question. Each branch of the diagram represents a possible choice or answer to a specific sub-question. And… (0 comment)

Data Mining is the process of identifying trends in large data sets. Steps are as following: Business understanding Data understanding Data preparation Modeling Evaluation Deployment The data is usually collected and stored in data warehouses. Then we apply suitable data mining algorithms for identifying trends. Most popular algorithms are clustering and regression trees. Data Mining can… (0 comment)