This is to let you know that Fitbit is now officially part of Google. It’s an incredibly exciting moment for Fitbit as a company and for Fitbit community of users around the globe. When Eric and James Park founded Fitbit 13 years ago, they did so with a simple, but bold idea: to make everyone… (0 comment)

It is very common question while setting up new report suite or even in old report suite that what should be the timestamp setting. In short that how the data is been sent to report suite , does the image request have time stamp parameter or not. The timestamp setting on your report suite, it… (0 comment)

A Progressive Web App, or PWA, is a web application that uses modern web technologies and design patterns to provide a reliable, fast, and engaging user experience.PWA websites are fast, secure, responsive, and cross-browser compatible. They are able to work offline and act like a native app on mobile. There is no OOB and direct… (0 comment)

If you are getting following error in console then as in add-in you must be using old/beta version of Experience Cloud ID Debugger. To fix this use the latest version of Adobe Experience Platform Debugger and remove the older one. For Chrome: For FireFox: Feel free to comment if you have any question or… (0 comment)

After you’ve installed WampServer, follow these steps to install WordPress on WampServer: (Though, WordPress 3.3.1 was used for this tutorial, you will find it helpful for any version of WordPress.)NOTE: I will suggest not to change the names I’ve used in the tutorial, else you can find yourself in trouble. Please only change names if… (0 comment)

Following can be expectation from: Want two way integration between Adobe Analytics and SFDC Ready made connector is not available under Data Connector so custom solution has to be designed for that. There are  couple of ways by which data can be sent from Adobe Analytics to SFDC. Data warehouse API to send data in… (0 comment)

The Softaculous auto installer allows you to create/restore backups of your applications directly from the web interface. To restore a backup of any of your applications please follow these steps: Access your cPanel and follow the link to Softaculous from the Software/Services tab. From the top right menu choose the Backups and Restore button which looks like a zipped folder.… (0 comment)

For the purposes of this conversation, I’ll use the following definitions: Native apps are built for a specific platform with the platform SDK, tools and languages, typically provided by the platform vendor (e.g. xCode/Objective-C for iOS, Eclipse/Java for Android, Visual Studio/C# for Windows Phone). Mobile Web apps are server-side apps, built with any server-side technology (PHP, Node.js, ASP.NET) that render… (0 comment)

You will need to host a sample website for the hands-on lab. The sample PHP web pages will be provided during the session. You can host the site in your local server (localhost) if you already have one configured on your computer. You can also use an online web-host if you have access to. Skip… (0 comment)