Uploading Data through data source using Adobe Analytics API 1.4

This is to test that what happen to data sources FTP location when data source data is uploaded through API 1.4 using postman

1.Create the data source through Analytics UI

  • Login to SC 15
  • Click on Admin->Data Sources

2.Create Transaction ID data sources

3.Using Postman send POST request on https://api.omniture.com/admin/1.4/rest/?method=DataSources.UploadData

4.In Pre-request Script

var uuid = function() {};

uuid.v4 = function() {

    return ‘xxxxxxxx-xxxx-4xxx-yxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx’.replace(/[xy]/g, function(c) { var r = Math.random()*16|0, v = c == ‘x’ ? r : (r&0x3|0x8); return v.toString(16); });


var WSSE = function(username, secret) {

    this.username = username;

    this.secret = secret;


WSSE.prototype.getHeader = function() {

    var nonce = uuid.v4();

    var created = new Date().toISOString();

    var hashString = nonce + created + this.secret;

    var digest = CryptoJS.SHA256(hashString).toString(CryptoJS.enc.Base64);

    var b64nonce = CryptoJS.enc.Latin1.parse(nonce).toString(CryptoJS.enc.Base64);

    var header = “UsernameToken”;

    header += ” Username=\”” + this.username + “\”,”;

    header += ” PasswordDigest=\”” + digest + “\”,”;

    header += ” Nonce=\”” + b64nonce + “\”,”;

    header += ” Created=\”” + created + “\”,”;

    header += ” Algorithm=\”SHA256\””;

    return { ‘X-WSSE’: header };


var wsse = new WSSE(‘shared secret’, ‘password’);

postman.setEnvironmentVariable(“x-wsse”, wsse.getHeader()[‘X-WSSE’])

5.Under body


  “columns”: [






  “dataSourceID”: “2”,

  “jobName”: “Product returned”,

  “reportSuiteID”: “lscsgeekourpc”,

  “rows”: [









6.Under Header set WSSE


For API 1.4 documentation check : https://github.com/AdobeDocs/analytics-1.4-apis

Note :Grab the data source ID from the URL when you open the data source in UI

Once it appears true as result than in FTP of Data source a SOAP folder is created which have a file of data source, later on, which process.

Processing pauses if the size exceeds 50 MB and does not resume until the total is below 50 MB. To limit delays in generating reports, do not upload more than 90 days of data per day.

Reference : https://marketing.adobe.com/resources/help/en_US/sc/datasources/datasrc_faq.html

Automation Software Zapier & IFTTT

Zapier is automation software allowing one business app to speak to another app,it is very similar to product called IFTTT,which is little more open-sourced but this is more business focused.It allows to take repeating tasks and automate them even across different applications.It can be an enormous time-saver.IFTTT is free and Zapier has paid model.

How To Open and Handle Large CSV Files

Recently I was struggling to open Large CSV files and I was using Excel 2013 on Windows 7 64-bit machine.When I was opening big CSV it was throwing error.

With Excel 2013,it is said that the  limit is now gone the only restriction is your machines memory. However, you can still not edit the raw data, only handle (DAX) and aggregate (pivot tables) them! The row limit in Excel 2013 is still 1,048,576.

At that point I started searching for Software which can open large file,then I came across Delimit and it was very helpful.

Features are as follow:

  1. Quickly open any delimited data file.
  2. Edit any cell.
  3. Easily convert files from one delimiter to another like CSV to TAB.
  4. Split-up any delimited file into file parts of equal size.
  5. Join multiple delimited files into one resulting file.
  6. Quickly select which columns to extract and in which order.
  7. Extract data from any delimited file by specifying the columns,rows and/or filter to apply.
  8. Sort any delimited data file based on cell content.
  9. Remove duplicate rows based on user specified columns.
  10. Bookmark any cell for quick subsequent access.
  11. Open large delimited data files; 100s of MBs or GBs in size!
  12. Open data files up to 2 billion rows and 2 million columns large!
  13. Work with: character delimited, string delimited, fixed column width or just plain text files.
  14. Quickly see all your bookmarks, double-click to jump to any of them or click to rename.
  15. Keep track of long running operations.
  16. Keep track of the current selection.
  17. Scroll to any part of the file or split the view into multiple panes.
  18. Freeze the 1st row of any file.
  19. Open multiple files and quickly switch between them.
  20. Configure built-in and custom file delimitation rules for automatic parsing of files.

It is available with 15 day free Trial and can be downloaded from http://www.delimitware.com/

Other option to open big file is Sublime Text.It is a proprietary cross-platform source code editor with a Python application programming interface.Click here to download.

Recently I came across another tool which is also helpful: https://www.emeditor.com/download/