Use of Tracking Server in Adobe Analytics in case of Domain and Sub Domain

Adobe collects data on your site by receiving an image request generated by the visitor. The trackingServer variable determines the location an image request is sent. If this variable is not defined correctly, your implementation can experience data loss.

Tracking server can be 3rd party tracking server or first party tracking server.

Host name is required for the setup of FPC.

Hostname can be

As an example we can pick following for

  • For secure you can pick
  • For non-secure you can pick


  • For secure you can pick
  • For non-secure you can pick

A tracking server is considered as First party when the tracking server contains the domains in it and you have to use that tracking server against that domain only.

For example: will be treated as first party only for domain and its subdomains.
If you try to use it with any other domain(like here domain is, it will be treated as Friendly third party tracking server.

Also is the subdomain of hence we do not need to set up tracking server separately for

We can use for both and It will be treated as First party for both of them.

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