How To Classify Page Load Time In Adobe Analytics
I captured page load time in prop as mentioned in this article: s.prop1=s_getLoadTime(); This will assign the page load time, in tenths of a second, to prop1. For example, if my page took 3.75 seconds to load, I would get a raw value of 38 in the Page Load Time (prop1) report. So I… (0 comment)

Well explained on Guide to Using UTM Parameters in Adobe Analytics I used following code to capture Tracking code: s.usePlugins=true; s.doPlugins=function(s) { if(s.Util.getQueryParam(‘utm_medium’)){ s.campaign=s.Util.getQueryParam(‘utm_medium’)+”:”+s.Util.getQueryParam(‘utm_source’)+”:”+s.Util.getQueryParam(‘utm_campaign’)+”:”+s.Util.getQueryParam(‘utm_content’)+”:”+s.Util.getQueryParam(‘utm_term’); } s.campaign=s.getValOnce(s.campaign,’s_campaign’,0); } Then I set up the calssification in Analytics Below is the screen shot: Then under classification rule builder I did following setup using regx ^(.+)\:(.+)\:(.+)\:(.+)\:(.+)$ Sample value: search:google:christmas:article:gifts… (0 comment)