Compare Cross-Device Analytics(CDA) and Customer Journey Analytics(CJA)
It is a very basic question that what are the similarities or differences between Cross-Device Analytics(CDA) and Customer Journey Analytics(CJA). Cross-Device Analytics Customer Journey Analytics Channel Supported Web & Mobile Any Channel Device Graph Supported Co-op or Private Device Graph Manual Merge Report Suite No Yes Requires ECID Yes No Full workspace Features Yes No… (0 comment)

Following can be expectation from: Want two way integration between Adobe Analytics and SFDC Ready made connector is not available under Data Connector so custom solution has to be designed for that. There are  couple of ways by which data can be sent from Adobe Analytics to SFDC. Data warehouse API to send data in… (0 comment)

Is Ad Cloud able to pass display media exposure back to AA, and then have this forwarded via Server side ? Advertising Cloud is able to pass data in Analytics via Adobe server to server integration for Adobe to understand if the ad impacted the consumer to visit the website. For example, Adobe can capture… (0 comment)

Adobe Analytics Connector with PowerBI
  With the introduction of new Adobe Analytics connector with PowerBI (Partnership with Microsoft), it becomes very easy to load Adobe Analytics data into PowerBI and perform the analysis. After launching the connector, it has to be authenticated by Adobe ID. Complete steps are well explained in the video below: On web Connect to Adobe Analytics… (0 comment)

How To Connect Tableau to Adobe Analytics
By default, there is no functionality in Tableau to connect Adobe Analytics or vice versa. Till now there is no Connector available for data transfer developed by Adobe or Tableau. But there are a few ways you can do this. The first is having Adobe send you the raw clickstream feeds for a report suite.… (0 comment)

With the help of Web Services API R-studio can be used to connect Adobe Analytics. The Web Services APIs provide programmatic access to marketing reports and other Suite services that let you duplicate and augment functionality available through the Analytics interface. Analytics > Admin > Company Settings > Web Services RSiteCatalyst is a kind of good… (0 comment)