Learn Natural Language from scratch to expert level

Here is the list of resources to learn Natural Language from scratch to expert level:

● Jason Brownlee – What Is Natural Language Processing: https://lnkd.in/f-fuRr4

● Emmanuel Ameisen How to solve 90% of NLP problems: https://lnkd.in/f9FeHUg

● Analytics Vidhya – Regular Expressions in Python: https://lnkd.in/fXc_xT4

● Analytics Vidhya – Ultimate Guide to Understand & Implement Natural Language Processing: https://lnkd.in/fitRNBh

● Harrison Kinsley – Natural Language Processing With Python and NLTK: https://lnkd.in/fE3JXHi

● Coursera – Natural Language Processing: https://lnkd.in/f79aUvD

● Siraj Raval – Word2Vec Tutorial: https://lnkd.in/fWFHAzP

● Stanford – Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing: https://lnkd.in/f8TgNjS

● Siraj Raval – How to Make a Text Summarizer


● Siraj Raval – How to Generate Your Own Wikipedia Articles:

Testing and Debugging in Adobe Analytics

Testing and Debugging are significant activities and it is required to capture the information in Analytics variable that in case it is required at sme point of time.

Following are the value one should capture in AA variable:

Page URL:

To capture the URL you can use the following line of JS code

location.protocol + ‘//’ + location.host + location.pathname;

Query String:


AppMeasurement code version:



If the TMS is Adobe Launch or DTM you can use the below line of code.


If visitorID.js is implemented by other method then use the following JS to capture the value of mid into Adobe Analytics Variable:


VisitorAPI.js version

var VI= s_c_il[0].version;
return VI;

For all concatenated detail:


To segregate you can use following code :

var fullcode=scVersion.split(‘|’);
var codeversion=fullcode[1];
var VI=fullcode[2];

IP Address:

Check legal/country/company policy before capturing this into AA variable.

There are 2 options to do this.

  • Put the value of IP in Data Layer and then populate that into AA variable
  • Use processing rule and populate the value into AA variable

Hope this helps to pick the testing and debugging parameter.

Use of Tracking Server in Adobe Analytics in case of Domain and Sub Domain

Adobe collects data on your site by receiving an image request generated by the visitor. The trackingServer variable determines the location an image request is sent. If this variable is not defined correctly, your implementation can experience data loss.

Tracking server can be 3rd party tracking server or first party tracking server.

Host name is required for the setup of FPC.

Hostname can be uniqueidentifer.domain.com

As an example we can pick following for ourpcgeek.com

  • For secure you can pick smetric.ourpcgeek.com
  • For non-secure you can pick metric.ourpcgeek.com

For me.ourpcgeek.com

  • For secure you can pick smetric.me.ourpcgeek.com
  • For non-secure you can pick metric.me.ourpcgeek.com

A tracking server is considered as First party when the tracking server contains the domains in it and you have to use that tracking server against that domain only.

For example: smetric.me.ourpcgeek.com will be treated as first party only for domain me.ourpcgeek.com and its subdomains.
If you try to use it with any other domain(like here domain is ourpcgeek-stage2.adobetest.com), it will be treated as Friendly third party tracking server.

Also me.ourpcgeek.com is the subdomain of ourpcgeek.com hence we do not need to set up tracking server separately for me.ourpcgeek.com.

We can use smetric.ourpcgeek.com for both ourpcgeek.com and me.ourpcgeek.com. It will be treated as First party for both of them.

Segregate Internal & External Traffic In Adobe Analytics

Within the Adobe Analytics tool there are 4 main ways to deal with IP address exclusions:

1) Out of the box “Exclude by IP” functionality

This method can be accessed by going to the global ‘Admin’ drop down menu and selecting “Exclude by IP”.  Instructions on how to use this are contained within the page and it is by far the easiest method of removing traffic from specific IP addresses/ranges.

However, the disadvantage of this is that any excluded data is effectively lost for ever so this is not suitable if you ever want to analyse data from internal traffic for a given report suite.

Hint: what is not immediately obvious is that the exclusions work on a report suite by report suite basis – you need to make sure the correct report suite is selected in the top right hand corner

2) Get Adobe engineering to build a DB VISTA Rule

Typically this method would be used if you wanted to siphon off the internal traffic into a separate report suite to analyse separately from your external traffic.  However, Adobe engineering have an awful lot of flexibility within VISTA rules you are not limited on just siphoning data to a separate report suite if you can think of something more creative that you want to do!

The basic approach would be for Adobe Engineering to build a “DB” (Database) Vista rule that allow you to upload and manage via FTP a list of IP address that are excluded (i.e. allowing you to manage going forward without further intervention from Adobe Engineering).

As with all VISTA rules there will almost certainly be a cost associated with this.

3) Use Processing Rules in combination with Virtual Report Suites

IP address is available in processing rules, even if you’ve set your privacy settings to remove IP a ddress from your data.

This means you can using processing rules to set a value into a variable whenever you see an internal IP address (e.g. overwrite prop1 with a custom value of “internal traffic”)

The value captured can be used to segment your data or, as we do, used to created virtual report suites (e.g. one with external traffic, one with internal traffic)

The advantages of this is that it is non destructive and there is no cost. Though it is not retroactive process and will be affective after the setup.

4) Use segment or VRS

If you have list of IP address available in report suite then you can create segment and apply that on reports or create a VRS and you can share that VRS to stake holders. It is retro-active process.

How To Enable Or Disable Activity Map in Adobe Launch

Once Activity Map is enabled for an Adobe Analytics report suite, it can not be disabled, and so instead Adobe recommends that you remove the Activity Map module from your implementation to disable the functionality. 

AppMeasurement.js self-hosted

This can be completed simply by accessing your AppMeasurement.js and removing the Activity Map module. 

AppMeasurement.js hosted via the Adobe CDN

By default on console if you type s_c_il it will show the following.

Now to disable Activity Map.You have to use the available latest version of Adobe Analytics Extension so if it is not upgraded then upgrade that.

Go to the configuration of Adobe Analytics Extension and disable Activity Map by unchecked the box

After this publish the build and reload the page and this time the Activity Map will not load and can be checked through console.

In case you don’t want to stop the tracking through Activity Map but want to limit the tracking then you can check Activity Map Customizer Extension.

Feel free to comment in case you have any question or add any insights.

How to restore a Softaculous backup?

The Softaculous auto installer allows you to create/restore backups of your applications directly from the web interface. To restore a backup of any of your applications please follow these steps:

  • Access your cPanel and follow the link to Softaculous from the Software/Services tab.
  • From the top right menu choose the Backups and Restore button which looks like a zipped folder.
  • On the new page you will see a list of all available backups. Find the one which you want to restore and click the Restore button (the light blue arrow). Follow the rest of the restore steps.

Softaculous allows you to restore your files and MySQL databases. Usually, you will have to restore both but in some situations you can restore only the application’s files or database. If you are not sure how to proceed you can post a new support ticket.

Check out Softaculous hosting package which will allow you to use all the great features that the Softaculous application provides to you.

Configure free cloudflare CDN for your website | Protect your website from security threads

Below making it secure it looks like as below:

Check the video below which the step by step process of adding free CDN for your website from cloudflare. Additionally you will also get SSL certificate for your domain if you follow this steps.

After making it secure it looks like as below :

Photoshop Camera “Free”

Meet the camera of your dreams.Adobe Photoshop Camera is now available for free on iOS and Android! With the AI-powered Photoshop Camera, you have access to dozens of lenses, so you can add the best effects to your photos — before you even take the shot!Adobe keep on releasing special edition lenses.


This post is about on how to fix the right side space problem ,it can be White space problem or Black space problem some time.

It is often noticed when you resize the window.As an example shown in screen shot below:

To fix this Add this css below in Appearance -> Customize -> Additional CSS

body {
overflow-x: hidden;