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Basic Tech Interview Questions

  1. Difference between WAMP, MAMP, and LAMP  stack?

WAMP, MAMP, and LAMP are abbreviations for

“Windows, Apache, MySQL, and PHP,”

“Mac, Apache, MySQL, and PHP,”

“Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP.”

These abbreviations describe a fully functioning setup used for developing dynamic Internet web pages.

2.Difference between MERN and MEAN stack?
  • 3.What is JAMstack?

JAMstack-ready CMS. JAMing with Contentful to bake the perfect tech stackJAMstack stands for JavaScript, APIs, and Markup. The term was coined by Mathias Biilmann to describe.

4.Name a website or app that annoys you. What’s wrong with it?

5.Pretend I’m a tech novice. Can you explain what ______ is in plain English?

Here are some concepts to choose from:

  • MVC model
  • Responsive design
  • AWS/Azure
  • APIs
  • Microservice architecture

6.Question to compare and contrast related terms, such as UI vs. UX or front end vs. back end, for a lay audience.

7.What is the difference between a website and a mobile website?

8.Difference between SQL and NoSql?

SQL databases are relational, NoSQL are non-relational. SQL databases use structured query language and have a predefined schema. NoSQL databases have dynamic schemas for unstructured data. … SQL databases are table based, while NoSQL databases are document, key-value, graph or wide-column stores.Difference between Web App/Native and Hybrid ?

9.What are SPA and PWA?

10.What is iframe?

11.Tell me about the projects you’re working on (or have worked on) in your spare time?

12.What APIs have you worked with?

13.What do you do when an application stops working?

It is to judge, what you do during breakdown and troubleshooting approach.

14.Which content management systems have you worked with?

Some of the most popular CMSs are WordPress, Joomla, & Drupal, all of which are open-source systems written in PHP and based on a relational database like MySQL.To elicit more information, ask interviewees if they’re involved in the relevant open-source communities and whether they’ve ever made any contributions. AEM is other famous CMS by Adobe, it is a comprehensive content management solution for building websites, mobile apps and forms. And it makes it easy to manage your marketing content and assets. Build lifetime value – deliver digital experiences over the lifetime of your customer that build brand loyalty and drive deman

15.What’s the biggest difference between developing for mobile and desktop?

Most people browse on mobile, but the majority of development work happens on a desktop. A suitable candidate should know how to develop for both, and they should be able to sound off on crucial differences, such as screen size, touch input, limited multitasking, and variation in browser plug-ins. They should also understand how to create a great user experience on any platform.

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