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Nomenclature for Adobe Experience Cloud

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Please often get confuse due the rebranding and naming convention so through to share this.

Below is the complete list of our Experience Cloud solutions and capabilities and their former product names. This could be really helpful for us, hence sharing this note for our reference and records.

Adobe® Analytics

  • Adobe SiteCatalyst → Reports & Analytics
  • Adobe Discover → Ad Hoc analysis
  • Adobe Insight →  Aata Workbench
  • Adobe Genesis → Data Connectors
  • Adobe DataWarehouse → Data Warehouse
  • Adobe ReportBuilder → Report Ruilder (for Excel) only works on Windows OS

Adobe® Experience Manager

  • Adobe CQ Web Management → web content management
  • Adobe Scene7 → dynamic media / personalized media / video
  • Adobe Marketing Campaign Management →  marketing campaign management
  • Adobe Social Communities → social communities
  • Adobe CQ Digital Asset Management → digital asset management
  • Adobe CQ Cloud Manager → cloud manager
  • Adobe CQ Mobile → mobile
  • Adobe CQ eCommerce → commerce
  • NEW → media publisher
  • LiveCycle Document Services add-ons for CQ → document services security add-ons

Adobe® Media Optimizer

  • Adobe AdLens → advertising management
  • Adobe AudienceManager → audience management
  • Adobe Digital AdTargeting → audience targeted creative / ad serving and tracking
  • Professional Services → professional services

Adobe® Target

  • Adobe Test&Target → A/B/N and multivariate testing / rules based targeting / geotargeting
  • Adobe Recommendations → recommendations and cross-selling
  • Adobe Search&Promote → site search and merchandising / dynamic navigation
  • Adobe Test&Target 1:1 → automated decisioning and targeting

Feel free to comment if you have any question.

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