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Allowable Character limits of different Adobe Analytics variable

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Many variables contain limitations to the number of bytes they can hold. A byte is generally a single character, however can take up to 6 bytes depending on the complexity of the character. Any variables that exceed these limitations are truncated:

  • PageName and all custom traffic variables (props): 100 bytes
  • Tracking Codes and all custom conversion variables (eVars): 255 bytes
  • URL and Referrer: 255 bytes
  • Hierarchy variables: 255 bytes total across all levels
  • The transactionID variable can contain any character other than a comma. It should be in the same location where the character limit (100 bytes) is specified. If multi-byte characters are used, multi-byte character support must be enabled in order to avoid problems with unexpected characters in the transactionID.
  • Purchase ID: 20 bytes
  • Products: 100 bytes for each product category
    100 bytes for each product name
    No overall limit within the entire variable
  • Events variable: No overall limit, however each serialized value may only contain 20 bytes

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