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How to Load Multiple Object in Adobe Launch for AppMeasurement

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It is question because for now multiple Launch Script on the same page is not supported.

You can deploy 1 DTM and 1 Launch script but 2 Launch script is not possible.

So how to load 2 objects if needed?

1.In Launch you have you to select the following option:

2.Click on Open Editor and put following code

  • Activity Map Module
  • AppMeasurement Module

3.Suppose ‘s’ and ‘z’ are the object then use the following code

// Instantiate two separate tracking objects to two different report suites
var s = s_gi('geek1st');
var z = s_gi('geek2nd');
z.visitor = Visitor.getInstance("<MC ORG ID>");

// The s object and z object contain their own independent Analytics variables simultaneously
s.eVar3 = "Example page name 1";
z.eVar3 = "Example page name 2";

// Send data to the examplersid1 report suite

// Send data to the examplersid2 report suite

4. As global variable put that as ‘s’

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