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Media Collection API endpoint in Adobe Analytics

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Adobe Analytics for Audio and Video is an add-on to the base Analytics offering that provides clients with robust measurement for audio, video and advertisements.

Starting with v2.2 release, the Video Heartbeat Library (VHL) SDKs are renamed to Media SDKs to support Audio and Video tracking. The Media 2.2 SDK is fully backwards compatible with the VHL 2.x SDK series. The name change does not represent a functional break, simply a change in naming convention.

Starting with v3.0, the SDK uses Media Collection API for tracking. The 3.x SDK is not backward compatible with 2.x SDK series.

You may needed the Media Collection API endpoint instead of Heartbeat Tracking URL which you might be using for v2.x

While implementation of Video Tracking on website using v3.x of JavaScript SDK you need Media Collection API endpoint

For that the Media Collection API endpoints will be as following:

Media Collection API URI (Staging) = {namespace}-stage.hb-api.omtrdc.net/{api version}
Media Collection API URI (Prod) = {namespace}.hb-api.omtrdc.net/{api version}

It is recommended for customers to alert the Media Analytics Product Team before utilizing the production endpoint.


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