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Methods to Configure The AdobeSDK

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It is always a topic of discussion that how to configure the Adobe SDK , in reality, there can 3 scenario.

  1. We can configure it using the “launch id” which will download the configuration locally.
  2. We can use a local configuration file.
  3. We can use a combination of the launch id and a local file.

  1. The recommendation is to use the local configuration if the user launches the app for the first time without internet.
  2. This is the fallback approach we recommend. But in this, you will not have the option to configure the JSON file remotely.

The best is to use combination of #1 and #2 i.e #3 as it will cover all the scenario.

The priority should be the one coming from the Adobe launch,​again, you will not have the option to configure the JSON file remotely so ​the combination of #1 and #2 should be the best fit.

You have to use condition in decide the order within it.

As an example:

if(internet is NOT available && here is no local copy of JSON file) then use the configurewithfile


Use Launch ID

Above mentioned is not the exact code ,it is just the logic you have to apply as per the scenario.

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