Adobe Experience Platform is the most powerful, flexible, and open system on the market for building and managing complete solutions that drive customer experience. Experience Platform enables organizations to centralize and standardize customer data and content from any system and apply data science and machine learning to dramatically improve the design and delivery of rich,… (0 comment)

In late August, we noticed that Safari had started testing a feature for their upcoming releases of iOS and Mac OS which would compare the resolved DNS record with the current page’s Top Level Domain, and, if they did not match, would apply Intelligent Tracking Prevention restrictions to any cookies which may be set. Phrased… (0 comment)

If you want to use clickstream data and need information related to Adobe Target then you must be aware about the column and its details: post_tnt ->Information about all tests the visitor has qualified for during the variable’s attribution window, which is 90-days by default. post_tnt-> Is all the persisting campaigns/experiences seen in the visit.… (0 comment)

Adobe Analytics for Audio and Video is an add-on to the base Analytics offering that provides clients with robust measurement for audio, video and advertisements. Starting with v2.2 release, the Video Heartbeat Library (VHL) SDKs are renamed to Media SDKs to support Audio and Video tracking. The Media 2.2 SDK is fully backwards compatible with… (0 comment)

Compare Cross-Device Analytics(CDA) and Customer Journey Analytics(CJA)
It is a very basic question that what are the similarities or differences between Cross-Device Analytics(CDA) and Customer Journey Analytics(CJA). Cross-Device Analytics Customer Journey Analytics Channel Supported Web & Mobile Any Channel Device Graph Supported Co-op or Private Device Graph Manual Merge Report Suite No Yes Requires ECID Yes No Full workspace Features Yes No… (0 comment)

Here is my mini-blog series on AEP Mobile SDK aka Mobile SDK 5: Overview: Config & Implementing SDK: Using Launch as TMS: Debugging with Project Griffon:… (0 comment)

To understand why there is an unspecified line item while checking the Analytics report with Occurrences metric, we need to understand the following definitions and scenarios. Occurrences higher than Instances: This outcome is expected for conversion variables, as occurrences also includes the number of times the variable was defined (instances). Instances higher than Occurrences: This… (0 comment)

Difference Between Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics
It is one of the common question while opting the Web Analytics tool and doing the comparison is very common and first action done by business owners. Google Analytics Easy Client-Side Implementation using JavaScript Customizable Intuitive dashboards Data sharing is not very easy with other users Works well with data analysis languages like R and… (0 comment)